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Privacy Statement of Mascha Verkooijen Photography

I am committed to safeguard the privacy of you.

During the processing I conform to the requirements of the applicable data protection legislation. This means I:

  •           Clearly specify my purposes before I process personal data, by using this Privacy Statement;
  •           Limit my collection of personal data to only the personal data needed for legitimate purposes;
  •           Ask for explicit permission to process your personal data in cases where your permission is required;
  •           Take appropriate security measures to protect your personal data and I demand the same from parties who process personal    data on my behalf;
  •           Respect your right to inspect, correct or delete your personal data held by me.

Mascha Verkooijen Photography is the party responsible for all data processing. In this privacy statement, I will explain which personal data I collect and for which purposes. I recommend that you read it carefully.

Contact Form
You can use my contact form to ask questions or make any request.

For this purpose, I use your name, email address and phone number. I need this data because of my contact with you. This way I can easily access the information in case you have any following questions. I store this information for a minimum of 7 years.

Handling your order
I will use your personal data when handling your order. I may share your data and photo’s with the production and delivery service to have your order printed, framed or delivered. I may also obtain information on your payment from your bank or credit card company.

For this purpose, I use your name, phone number, invoice address, email address and birth date. I need this data because of my agreement with you. I store this information until your order has been completed and seven years thereafter (the legal retention period).

Photo’s taken from you

Please note that photo’s taken by Mascha Verkooijen Photography is my intellectual property and therefore will be kept and stored with me, unless agreed otherwise in advance.

Access to portal
Within our portal, you can access a viewing gallery, where you can see and share your photo’s. For this purpose, I use your email address and photo’s

I will not publish your photo without prior consent.

Providing Data to Third Parties
Except for the parties mentioned above, I do not under any circumstance provide your personal data to other companies or organisations, unless we are required so by law (for example, when the police demands access to personal data in case of a suspected crime or tax related queries).

My website features social media buttons. These buttons are used by the providers of these services to collect your personal data.

I keep statistics on the use of my service

Google Analytics
I use Google Analytics to track visitors on my website and to get reports about how visitors use the website. I accepted the data processing agreement from Google. I do allow Google to use information obtained by Analytics for other Google services, and I don’t anonymize the IP-adresses.

I take security measurements to reduce misuse of and unauthorised access to personal data.

Changes to this Privacy Statement
I reserve the right to modify this statement. I recommend that you consult this statement on a regular basis, so that you remain informed of any changes.

Inspection and Modification of your Data
You can always contact me if you have any questions regarding my privacy policy or wish to review modify or delete your personal data.

You have the following right:

  •           Being informed on which personal data we have and what we are using it for;
  •           Inspection of the personal data that we keep from you;
  •           Having incorrect data corrected;
  •           Request to delete outdated personal data;
  •           Revoke your consent;
  •           Object to certain uses.

Please note that you always make clear who you are, so that I can assure that I do not modify or remove the data from the wrong person.

If you think that I have not been able helping you in the right way, you have the right to lodge a complaint at the authority.

Contact details
Mascha Verkooijen Photography
Cobenzlgasse 48
1190 Vienna, Austria